Q: Is Sparrho a news site?

A: No! Sparrho is a science research subscription service—get the data you crave in an easy-to-read format, curated by real scientists.

Q: Is Sparrho for personal or professional use?

A: Both! We write our digests in a conversational tone, but we always link to the original source material to be helpful for scientists and researchers.

A: Always—we give you all the information you need to dig into the data as deeply as you want.

Q: Are there any ads?

A: No. We don’t want to risk any bias so we are supported by direct to consumer subscriptions.

Q: Can I join Sparrho for free?

A: Yes! Sign up here for a free 14-day trial.

Q: What are the subscription options?

A: We offer monthly subscriptions at $19/month, or an annual subscription of $99/month (a 57% savings!).